Tuesday at Home

Dearest Homemaker,

It’s a warm Tuesday afternoon in October here at the Smith house. After a long holiday weekend it is time to get the house in order. This weekend there was chili and cornbread, fried okra from the garden, football games and a homecoming dance, a fire in the fire pit under the Harvest moon and a trip to the movies to see Downton Abbey.

Today everyone is back at school and work and I am alone in my domain making it a clean and cozy home. All the rooms are getting attention!


The formal dining room received a new addition of Royal Doulton china (pattern: Old Colony). Service for 12 including beautiful serving dishes and even egg cups! These beauties once belonged to Mr. Smith’s maternal grandmother who used them as everyday dishes and she never broke a plate. We are very thankful for this wonderful gift from my Mother-in-law and privileged to be entrusted with such treasures. The dishes have found a home in a china cabinet which once belonged to my paternal grandmother and my Great-Great Aunt before her.



Today’s kitchen duties included; dishes, wiping counters, sweeping, cleaning the stove top and oven and cleaning the microwave. Also in the kitchen I cleaned out some old mason jars to make more homemade candles. Do you have a favorite scent you love to smell in your kitchen? I can’t decide if I will use a floral essential oil or something more holiday oriented like cinnamon. Gracing the windowsill is a purple hybrid tea rose. This mild weather here in Texas lends to a second growing season. We will be able to enjoy fresh lettuce picked this morning as a side to our main course, Beef Enchiladas.

In the laundry room the machines are churning as always. We are so blessed that we can now have clean and fluffy clothes and bedding daily. I made sure to give the room a quick tidy and sweeping.

All three bathrooms had the toilets, counters and showers cleaned. Freshly laundered hand towels were placed in the towel rings.

In the bedrooms, beds were made and pillows fluffed. This weekend we were gifted a lovely new queen bed and bedding for our guest room. I finished making the rooms feel nice by a quick vacuum and a spray of pumpkin Febreeze deodorizer. I think it is a splendid gift to the people to who have been out of the house all day to come home to a newly primped room that says “I was caring for you today.”


Each day I am reading a few pages of the gorgeous book, Beholding and Becoming: The Art of Everyday Worship by Ruth Chou Simons. The art is so delightful that I display the book where everyone can enjoy it. I found this book at my local Hobby Lobby. Before I sign off I wanted to leave you with these sentiments by the author.



“Faithfulness in the unremarkable daily tasks often goes unnoticed–but not to the God who numbers your days. To our all-seeing God everyday faithfulness is an act of worship and not just an act of survival.” — Ruth Chou Simons

Humbly yours,

Mrs. Smith

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