Friday after the 4th of July

Dear Homemakers,

It has been an easy Friday here at the Smith home after celebrating the 4th yesterday. We had a small group with our family and my parents. Mr. Smith grilled some hamburgers and my mom brought over her very tasty potato salad. We also celebrated my mother’s birthday so I made zucchini cupcakes with vanilla icing. We were able to use onion and tomato from the garden on our burgers. I cant wait for the corn to be ready for harvest so we can enjoy some grilled corn on the cob with lots of salt and butter!

The flowers are doing well considering the heat. The passion vine is putting out so many blooms it really is quite beautiful. The perennial garden is flourishing and so is the hanging basket of geraniums. We will see how long all these beauties last in the heat, they are getting lots of attention and water.

Today I went out for some alone time so I stopped by the local Goodwill and found a couple gems, like a blouse and pants both like new with tags, a double frame for a couple of my daughters graduation pictures and a little paper organizer for Mr. Smith’s side of the dresser. Speaking of treasures a good friend of my mother’s gave me these two beautiful yellow glass lamps. They have a oil lamp feel with their shape and flute at top. I really love them and will take good care of them for her since they were an heirloom. Don’t you love to have pieces with a story or background makes an ordinary object special.

On a craftier note I have been making ribbon and charm bookmarks. I have made them in the past and I am getting quite the collection. Here are a few that I made this week and some that I made in the past.  I love bookmarks for any books but I love these in Bibles as well. I made the double markers so one can be kept in the Old Testament and one can be in the New Testament. When I open my shop there will definitely be bookmarks. (More info on that in a later post.)


The scripture study for July is all about freedom, it is such a wonderful daily reminder of where our true freedom comes from. It reminds me that my old captors were sin and death, two captors that I never could have freed myself from no matter how I struggled against them. Jesus conquered sin and death from his death and resurrection and through faith in him I am set free. By my adoption by faith I am as well, a conqueror. It’s only July 5th so I am looking forward to so many more days with the topic of freedom. Here are a couple of the verses in the study and where you can find this 12 month study for yourself.


I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July, Let freedom ring!

Humbly Yours,

Mrs. Smith


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