Monday Musings 6/24/19

Dear Homemaker,

It’s Monday again and even though it may be summer, it’s time to get our homes back on track. Weather you use the FlyLady System or perhaps you use the Motivated Moms system like me, Monday is a great day to bless your home.

It is a very rainy morning here at our home and tempting as it is to sleep in I have been up doing chores, exercising and getting ready for the day. I have had my quiet time and started a class on Exodus from

Chores for the day: Clean Freezer, Clean toilets, Wipe bathroom baseboards, Sweep/Mop bathroom floors and Vacuum the first floor.

Tomorrow Chores: Change hand towels, Clean bathroom mirrors

I love using the Motivated Moms cleaning routines, she is really thorough and adds things to your list that you might not think of or not remember the last time you completed them. There are monthly reminders to change your air filters and even daily reminders to read to your kids. You can print off the pages in two different sizes and color or black in white. There is even a choice with a daily bible reading plan. I highly recommend this system and for 12.00 you can access the printables and have a membership for a year! Below is a picture of one the weekly pages you can also get a daily page with a blank hourly agenda side.



We homemakers can’t always be cleaning so I spent some time yesterday sewing an apron. There has been so much lemon home décor at all the shops I have been to lately so it inspired this aprons material. I picked this pattern up at Walmart for only 1.99! For less mindful work I am embroidering some days of the week tea towels featuring different pies. I usually embroider two designs per towel. My first towel is this lovely Monday Banana Cream pie which I finished and on the other side I am working on a Wednesday Pecan pie.





I pray that your Monday is productive and your home a haven to all who are under it’s roof this week.

Humbly Yours,

Mrs. Smith



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