Spring Harvest

Dear Homemakers,

The best part of growing vegetables is eating them! There is a special feeling that you know exactly where your food came from down to the seeds. We have a small veggie bed, tomato bed and a place where we grow snap peas. So far this spring we have harvested; onions, potatoes, snap peas, green beans and lettuce and carrots. We have also started to gather tomatoes (both large and cherry size) and zucchini squash.


This little bounty of food does not take care of a family’s needs but we have made several additions to our plates. The onions have been used in everything from salsa to hamburgers. The red potatoes have been boiled and eaten with butter, and shredded into hash browns. The zucchini has been spiralized into zoodles and best of all baked into bread. The tomatoes have been used in salads, salsa, sandwiches and canned into 7 pints so far. It was fun to make a roast and veggies with carrots, onions and red potatoes right from our backyard.



We don’t plan to stop there, currently growing are cucumbers, watermelon, corn and bell peppers. With lots of care and water we will have another harvest in the summer months to come.

I hope that you too can find room and time for even one veggie producing plant in your life. They are great teachers for adults and kids alike.

Humbly Yours,

Mrs. Smith

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