Spring Gardening Part 1

Dearest Homemaker,

Has Spring already sprung in your area or are you still waiting to feel the warmer weather? The high temperature here is 89 degrees so we are definitely done with winter. Mr. Smith loves gardening and our back yard is already full of growing vegetables, herbs and flowers.

The back patio is covered in color! There are beautiful hydrangea and hanging baskets of purple pansies and red geraniums. Our favorite place to sit in the evening is out here in our two white rocking chairs. Last month, Mr. Smith put together these little tables out of scrap wood and painted them a nice pale blue. I told him I needed a place to put a drink down but I really think he made them to hold more plants. Conveniently they are just the right height to put your feet up.




I wanted a place to plant my herbs so Mr. Smith printed out some plans and built this wonderful vertical planter. We have spearmint, cilantro, parsley, sweet basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, dill, lavender and at the bottom there are strawberries. I have lots of plans for these delightfully scented herbs. From cooking to soaps and candles we shall see what I get up to!

On the other side of the patio used to be a sago plant surrounded by lava rock. I didn’t care for this look so Mr. Smith put his muscles in use and dug up the huge prickly plant. He removed all the lava rock and replaced it with soil. He planted beautiful flowers at different heights on one side and gardenia on the other. He is learning a lot about soil and the different needs of varying plants.

Along the walkway from the gate to the patio are five Rose bushes. We have Iceberg, Knockout, Doris Day, Gold Medal and a Hybrid tea rose. Mr. Smith calls this the parade of roses, and we just made plans for adding climbing roses yesterday.

(Sorry about size of video this is my first time adding one from my phone.)


Well I think that is all the Spring gardening I can fit into this post, I will follow-up with the veggie patches and our corner flower garden in another post.

I wish you many spring blessings,

Mrs. Smith

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