Monday Musings 11/5/18

Dear Homemaker,

It’s November and day light savings time has ended. I am a fan of both of these things. November brings fall like weather to Texas and daylight savings ending brings the evening in sooner, which means more cozy time with candles and warm dinners.

Simple Woman’s Day Book

Outside: right now it’s warm, sunny and windy. Today we have a high of 84 but later this week the high will be 60 so that’s something to look forward to. I clipped some roses from outside and put them on the kitchen window sill. Today I bought some garlic which I plan on planting some time this week. The bean and pea plants are continuing to grow.


Breakfast: A couple of pieces of cinnamon toast and coffee with pumpkin spice creamer. I like to keep a shaker of cinnamon sugar on top of my toaster oven.

Right Now I am: Multi tasking like all women. I have dishes going in the dish washer, a twin bed cover in the washing machine, and working on my blog post while enjoying a cup of coffee.


As I look around the house: I am happy that most of my chores are done for the day and that I stayed rather productive.

Today’s chores:  Everyday chores, change bathroom towels, vacuum first floor, clean toilets, replenish toilet paper, clean outside of stove and oven, wash quilts and comforters, dust upstairs living room.

Dinner: spaghetti and green beans


What am I creating:  Garter scarf with fringe in the colorway spice.


I cut out the pieces of fabric for this apron pattern.

Favorite thing: 365 Bible verses journal that I bought at Hobby Lobby. It’s pink and small could easily be carried in a purse and it gets me writing scripture. It was only $5 dollars and can even be cheaper with the 40% coupon.


As always I am joining : Happy Homemaker Monday

Humbly Yours,

Mrs. Smith



3 thoughts on “Monday Musings 11/5/18

  1. Enjoyed reading your post. I would never have thought to serve green beans with spaghetti. Your bible verse journal is so pretty. Hope you have a wonderful week!


  2. Enjoyed reading your post, Mrs. Smith! Like you, I am a fan of the-end-of-daylight-savings-time and enjoy the long, cozy evenings of fall and winter with candlelight flickering. What a warm and cozy atmosphere it evokes! Love the garter scarf and the apron pattern! Have a blessed rest of the week! ❤


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