Monday Musings 10/01/18

Dear Homemaker,


A cheerful October to you! It is quiet in the Smith house this morning chores have already begun and coffee and Bible reading savored. I had a pretty laid back weekend, finishing fall decorating and visited with my parents.

Outside my window: Birds are chirping and the sun is shining through the clouds. We are expecting more rain today. The knock out roses are still blooming and I have a bud on the Doris day rose-bush.



I am thinking: This morning I am thinking about the little bit of office work I need to do today. I am also thinking about something silly, that I wish the United States Thanksgiving was celebrated around the time of the Canadian Thanksgiving for the mere reason of decorating! I know very trivial, but I was thinking about how my Autumn décor is up longer than my Christmas décor and I thought they deserved equal time.

I am thankful for: My sweet husband who buys chocolate, hides it and brings me a piece in the evening sometimes.  It’s a shared treat for him and I no kids allowed! It’s the simple things really that can make a marriage sweet!

One of my favorite things: Yummy Scents in the home this weekend I picked up some wax melts.



I am wearing: Oh dear, I’m still in pajamas but it’s relatively early 8:30. I will freshen up soon though.

I am creating: Today I will try to finish my Autumn tea towel. This weekend I made more zucchini bread and it disappeared again. I even made it into little jack o lanterns. They turned out pretty cute and I brought some to my parents.


I am watching: A channel on YouTube called 1000’s of Roots. They are a large family that are homesteading and homeschooling. Far different to my suburban life.

I am reading: Graced and Gifted by Kimberly Hahn for the second time.



I am hoping: That all goes well this week while trying a different homeschooling approach with our youngest.

In the garden: Two little bean plants are sprouting.


In the kitchen: Last night I made Taco casserole from Come Home For Comfort. It turned out very nice. I made corn for a side and queso and chips. Mr. Smith and I mixed in the corn and queso with the casserole and it was even more yummy!


Around the house today: Clean Toilets, Vacuum downstairs and daily chores.

I pray your day is simple and filled with the love of Christ for your home and family.

Humbly Yours,

Mrs. Smith

I am linking to:The Simple Woman’s Daybook

Happy Homemaker Monday


10 thoughts on “Monday Musings 10/01/18

  1. Enjoyed reading your post. Cute zucchini bread and that taco casserole looks amazing. Might have to look in to adding that to our dinner rotation soon. Hope you have a wonderful week!


  2. Yay! I’m so glad you enjoyed the taco casserole. Yours looks delicious! I definitely agree that Canadian Thanksgiving is timed much better – at least this year Thanksgiving isn’t at the very end of the month.


  3. Love your posts – you are gifted for writing… and for cooking!
    I’m Canadian and I love that our Thanksgiving is earlier – for me it gives me more time for Christmas preparations 🙂
    Have a great week


  4. My goodness your food pictures looks delicious! And your roses are gorgeous. I hope you have a terrific week.

    Sherry @ Ubiquitous Grace


  5. Enjoyed reading your post this week! I have one bloom on my rose bush this week, too, but I have no idea what kind of rose it is. Love the little jack-o-lantern pumpkin breads! What a great idea! And the wax melts look “delicious”! LOL! Have a blessed week ahead! ❤


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