Disappearing Zucchini Bread


Dear Homemaker,

Yesterday I made a bread recipe that I found on Pinterest. It was easy to make and I even had all the ingredients on hand. The bread baked up lovely and tasted divine. The recipe makes two loaves so I thought “how nice I can take a loaf to my parents.”  There was only one problem with this bread and that is it disappears! Not just one loaf but two, poof, gone! In fact I just got off the phone with my husband and he has asked me to make two more loaves for a get together he is having at our house on Saturday.

I can’t take any credit for this being such delicious bread I simply followed the instructions.

Best Zucchini Bread Ever –Pinterest link

Direct website link to Real Life Dinner Best Zuchinni Bread

All ingredients needed except for the 3 eggs.

I usually grate the zucchini with the small side of the grater and that seemed like forever so I used the larger size this time. So much faster and I didn’t notice a difference in texture.


I whipped this all up in my Kitchen Aid mixer which was a gift from Mr. Smith several years ago. They are very much worth the investment and seem to last a very long time.


Like most recipes the wet ingredients and sugar go in first. The canisters I have for my sugar and flour were purchased from an antique shop. There are also two smaller matching canisters for coffee and tea. In the directions she tells you to skip the second bowl process for the mixing of dry ingredients, which I agree with, everything seemed to mix properly. After all the dry flour mix goes in the zucchini goes in last.




Next the batter or dough goes in the baking pans. I purchased these two pans at TJ Maxx. They are better quality than what I had before and they were pink, so I upgraded.



Into the oven for 45 minutes at 325 degrees. My oven “runs” hot so I have to watch things carefully.


The cook must try it first to make sure its suitable for the family. Plus I love the end crusts. With a swipe of butter this bread is delicious though probably not nutritious!


So if you are looking for something that tastes wonderful and will be a hit with the whole family give this recipe a try. But I warn you it will disappear!

Humbly Yours,

Mrs. Smith

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