A Homemaker’s Morning

Dear Homemaker,

It is a rainy Wednesday morning at the Smith home, I hope you are enjoying nicer weather. When I woke up the house was quite chilly and I thought things were cooling outside. Mr. Smith went upstairs to check the thermostat and it read 66 degrees. Some culprit had set the to 64! I will have to do an inverstigation later.

I’m trying to become a member of the 5 am wake up club. Since my husband is already a member I thought it would be easier. I seem to be more a member of the 6 am club! That is the time when Mr. Smith leaves for work and when my 14 year old son wakes up.

I have changed my schedule to start housework earlier and I am aiming to leave for the gym around 9 or 9:30. When I come home its still morning and I am able to finish up bigger chores before lunch. After lunch I try to get dinner prep started, maybe bake, and finish laundry.

First thing I do is get up and make a cup of coffee and take any medications (allergies are a constant struggle for me.)

I read my Bible with this Bible 52 week reading plan. I enjoy this method because I’m in a different part of the Bible every day. Today was Poetry so I read Psalms 117 and 118.

I also read any devotionals and whatever home and family encouragement book I’m reading.  I will also watch a YouTube video or two to get my cleaning “mojo” going.

When I get out of my bed, I get started making the beds, sprucing up the bedroom, gathering laundry, folding blankets in the living room and making the home smell lovely.  I get myself dressed for the gym. I usually change into “normal” clothes when I get back home. I try not to wear active wear all day. It’s good for my morning chores and actual gym activities.





I make sure to “give portions to her servant girls” Proverbs 31:15 my servant girls are the dishwasher and washing machine. (the above scripture may mean food but it always meant tasks to me.)


Today I wanted to give much needed attention to my son’s room. I spent almost an hour in there dusting, cleaning clutter and trash, washing bedding and vacuuming. He was very happy to see such a clean room. He has been working very hard at getting his school work done and also practicing with his ROTC team after school, I thought he could use a little extra hospitality.


The gym is so close to home and the grocery that I was able to go there and to the store in around an hour. My son wanted me to turn in some of his coins to cash and I was in need of a couple laundry items.




When I got home I was able to finish some chores like mopping the kitchen and eating area, keeping the laundry going and looking up a good recipe for chili. The chili turned out yummy and I made grilled cheese sandwiches to complete the dinner.


I think its interesting to read about what different homemakers do for their routine or if they have one. To some my morning may seem easy, boring or too much work, but that’s what makes us all individual.

Thoughtfulness and generosity come from a meek and humble heart. This is a contradiction of what the devil says: “I will not serve” and what Jesus says: ” I have not come to be served, but to serve!” –Mother Teresa Thirsting for God

Humbly Yours,

Mrs. Smith

Today I am linking to: Raising Homemakers


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