Fall is Sneaking in

Dear Homemakers,

Fall is almost here, well the equinox is this weekend! It may indeed be Autumn but where I live it’s still upper 80’s. That does not stop this homemaker from celebrating such a lovely season. I have not officially brought out the decoration bins, I plan on doing that this weekend. Nevertheless a few Autumn items have found their way in. This morning I’m having pumpkin coffee with pumpkin creamer though it’s in a mug covered in hearts to hide its identity. My fall mugs are in with the decoration so they will make an appearance soon.

Earlier last week I made a  trip to the dollar store for a few new décor items. I found some pumpkins for my mantle and a few fall floral picks.


A couple of days ago I went to Hobby lobby and picked up a few more floral items and some simmering potpourri.


I think I have reached my fill of knitting fall mug rugs. I made the squirrel, acorn and basket of apples. Only the fox pattern remains so I will get him done soon.


I was surprised to find two tea towels that I haven’t embroidered left in my stash so I’m fixing that by embroidering fall pictures. These will be nice additions to the kitchen.


In the mail I received a beautiful Autumn April Cornell catalog. The rich and deep colors are definitely inspiring. Sadly there was not a huge gift card included so that I could afford any of these beauties.


I don’t get bothered by looking at beautiful things that are out of reach, I simply am thankful that they exist. That is how I treat things I see on pinterest as well. If we look upon these images as something we need to attain or live up to we more often than not will feel discouraged and empty. When we simply admire beauty we will feel more satisfied and our silly brains will think we have it anyway. So next time you see a lovely image of autumn just admire it and appreciate it, do not wish it were yours because when you are grateful for just seeing the image it will be as if you have experienced it for yourself.



Speaking of Autumn imagery I watched Anne of Green Gables: Fire and Dew.


The whole film was like an homage to fall. I was blown away by the scenery. I know Anne’s story so well that I was able to focus on the color schemes. From Anne’s own red hair and pink cheeks to the gorgeous trees in the back ground, it all screamed fall. I’m definitely watching this again. It was food for the soul.




For my homemaker Kindred Spirits as Anne would say I leave you with the last line of the movie spoken by Anne.

“I think God is in Heaven and all is right with the world.” Anne

Humbly Yours,

Mrs. Smith

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