Fall Knitting: Pumpkin Mug Rug

Dear Homemakers,

September seems to be rushing by in some sort of hurry! I’m spending another day recuperating. I did wash some dishes, clean counters, wipe the microwave and fold laundry. My dear husband is making chicken spaghetti tonight for dinner! It is wonderful having a husband that knows how to cook.

Today I am working on some Fall dishcloths. My plan however is to use them more for decoration/mug rugs. I’m using acrylic yarn that I had left over from some baby pumpkin hats I made in the past. Cotton is best if you want to use them for actual dishcloths.


The pattern I bought from Krisknits on Ravelry.com. She suggests a smaller needle so the patterned picture will stand out. I am using size 3US needles.

I can’t decide if I will try the coffee mug pattern next or one of the leaf patterns. There are nine dishcloth patterns in the set.


Bonus Giveaway! If you would like to participate please leave a comment on this post by Saturday September 15th. I will pick a name at random and they will receive a pumpkin mug rug in the mail.

I have not yet blocked this piece which will give it better form and definition.

Well ladies, I must get back to knitting and my Donna Reed marathon. Thanks to Laura at Harvest Lane Cottage for the suggestion when I was in need of a show to watch. I might trade these pajamas for a day dress and pearls.


Humbly Yours,

Mrs. Smith

I will be joining the Link up at Raising Homemakers and Wise Woman Wednesdays

I am also linking Sew It Cook It Craft It


7 thoughts on “Fall Knitting: Pumpkin Mug Rug

  1. Hello! I would so love to have a mug rug made by you. I would decorate with it also because it would be special to me. Love all those patterns, wish I had the know how to make them.


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