Monday Musings 9/10/18

Dear Homemaker,

I am back home from the hospital and writing to you from the comfort of my own bed and pajamas. I will be taking the next few days to rest and recuperate. The older kids and husband are taking care of the basics; dishes, laundry and meals. The rest can wait because I know it will always be there won’t it.

Today I’m joining The Diary of a Stay at Home Mom and The Simple Woman’s Daybook. I like their journal like entry of what is currently going on in their lives. We all like to know how others are going through their days, it keeps us connected. Plus who doesn’t like a peek inside the home of others.

The Weather: Cloudy 78 which is very mild for here and 80% chance of rain. We have a chance of rain all week which is fine for a woman mainly staying in bed.

Breakfast plate: I was indulgent and made cinnamon toast. I had coffee earlier but I’m trying to get back to drinking my water goal each day as well.

On my bedside table: Water cup, head phones, a pretty silver cross from my Mother in law, a picture of my sister and pain medication.


Books I’m Reading: I just finished perusing through Gooseberry Patch Homemade Harvest and I’m currently reading The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Jeremiah Burroughs (Both Kindle books)


On my tv: I’m in a current show hole any recommendations?

Menu for this week: I actually get to say I’m not sure about this one. I’m sure next week I will be back in charge of kitchen duty.

On my to do list: Call doctor office to schedule check ups, rest, and take a warm shower (check) 🙂

In my craft basket: My embroidery work but with pain meds I’m going to wait, I might get a dishcloth done I could do those in my sleep.

Around the house: Miniature Rose plants from my father he also stocked up my Keurig and left me some hot tea. A beautiful blue velvet pumpkin that I liked but did not indulge in buying. My mother bought it as a get well gift!


My Simple pleasure: Browsing thru past Fall magazines. I keep certain magazines and look at them for many years. Its fun to rotate them out each season.


My quote for the day:  God is enough so that we can rest in Him.-Cynthia Heald

Humbly Yours,

Mrs. Smith


18 thoughts on “Monday Musings 9/10/18

  1. okay… I love having ACORN on our ROKU as it’s all the British Isles shows we like. From comedies to mysteries and documentaries. I could just sit… and watch… for way too long. Love the show 800 words right now, about a family from Australia moving to a tiny villiage in NZ and the wacky characters there. LeeAnna at not afraid of color


  2. I enjoyed reading your post today, Mrs. Smith. Am sorry to hear that you’ve been in the hospital. I am praying over you for a full and rapid recovery. Love your pics! The miniature roses are lovely and ooooo! Victoria magazine! I haven’t seen one of those in years! Always so pretty! I’ll have to find a copy of the fall issues! Blessings for a great week ahead! ❤


    1. Thank you Rebecca for your prayers! Prices are certainly going up on magazines. I know in the US the Victoria magazine has gone from 4.99 to 7,99. At these prices I don’t buy as many magazines but save them if they are high quality. The funny thing is by the next year rolls around I don’t really remember what was inside and it’s a treat all over again!


  3. Oh, I love the Gooseberry Patch books. Have a couple of cookbooks from them, one Christmas and one all seasons. Think I’ll get them out and glance through them again. Sorry to hear you’ve been in the hospital, hope you have a speedy recovery!


  4. Mrs Smith, let me just say I love the photo on your blog – it reaches out to me.
    Gooseberry patch cookbooks are my favorite. I love reading Fall magazines and I want to make a velvet pumpkin. I need to find velvet.. so hard to find fabric stores these days.
    Have a good recovery and hope to visit you again soon .


    1. Thank you for your comment Lucie. I think it would be fun to make velvet pumpkins as well! I might try this holiday season, we think there is so much time to craft decorations but as soon as you know it the holiday is upon us!


  5. Mrs Smith,
    This is my first time stopping by to read you letter!
    I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my visit! I am so sorry to here that you have been in the hospital! I will be praying for your recovery. I love the idea of holding onto old magazines! I honestly thought I was the only one who did that sort of thing! I pray you and your family have a blessed week!


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