Unexpected Rest

Dear Homemaker,

Have you ever had rest forced upon you? If you have little ones at home you may dream of having someone make you rest! I know I had those moments when the children were little. I have had a very unexpected rest forced upon me by a case of appendicitis. Mr. Smith insisted on taking me to my doctor Thursday mid day after I wrestled with a severe stomach ache the previous night. After a little pushing and prodding the doctor sent me to the lab for blood work and to the hospital next door for a CT scan. Next thing I know, I’m admitted to the hospital for surgery Friday morning. As I write this I’m awaiting a visit from the surgeon so that I may be cleared to go home this evening (Saturday).

A sweet angel of good health sent by my always thoughtful Mother in law

My sweet mother who lives close by has been able to stay with the kids, they are preteens and teenagers so the hands on care is minimal but the spoiling is still high! She is a very loving Nana.

The dearest husband a woman could have has been by my side the entire time, even sleeping on a sofa in my room.

The kids are getting restless for my return. There is something about knowing mom is in the house. We are the heart of the home even if we are laying in bed for a while. I was even sent a picture of my sweet Smithers with caption that she is missing me and keeping my side of the bed warm.



One thing I have learned through the trials of life is not to ask why this or that happens but to only see the love that is always there. The touch of your husband’s hand on your cheek, his loving smile when you look your worst, the prayers and best wishes sent from friends, the skillful hands of a surgeon, the nurse who brings you water. All these come from a God who loves us and uses his people to show his heart for us.

Humbly Yours,

Mrs. Smith


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