Let’s Move!

Dear Homemaker,

Do you like to rearrange things in your home every once in a while? I used to do this all the time, but haven’t for quite some time. Out of the blue on Sunday, I decided I wanted to rearrange the furniture in the dining room and eating space connected to the kitchen. This involved moving two tables and chair sets, a hutch and a china armoire. My husband helped of course. Mr. Smith likes projects and this one was FREE! By the time we were done we had moved furniture in the living room as well and moved wall art from all over the house. We spent the whole afternoon on this free project and we were very satisfied with our handy work. img_0587.jpg

We had a larger and taller table in this area which really didn’t fit. It was not very cozy or welcoming spot to have breakfast or lunch and I never enjoyed eating in that area. Now I have a small round table and all my pretty tea cups, tea pots and cookie jars to look at.


The larger table moved into the dining room along with a china armoire we had in a hallway. It’s quite a small formal dining area but with this new arrangement I think six people could move about nicely.


The china armoire is passed down from my great- great aunt to my grandmother and now to me. The china inside is Rosenthal from Germany, it belonged to my husbands maternal grandmother.  The tea set was a gift from my husband and is to resemble the china used in Downton Abbey.


The following pictures are a few decorative spots I touched up. I know its early but I have one Autumn wall hanging out above the fireplace. (sorry about the lighting glare but it’s a rainy day here and to dark to take a picture with the lights off.)



So if you are feeling things are a bit stale in the air at home, try some movement! An added bonus is you get to clean behind and under where it was hard to reach before. Mr. Smith went on a small wall cleaning mission when things were moved and he could see up close. We would love to paint the entire home, but that remains on the to-do list.

Humbly Yours,

Mrs. Smith




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