A Charming marker

Dear Homemaker,

Do like to read? There are so many faster ways to entertain ourselves, and faster ways of gaining knowledge, but reading takes our whole focus and allows our minds more time to digest the information. Reading allows our imaginations to draw pictures of our own painted merely by the words of another. Reading is a gentle way of learning and relaxing all at the same time. And while reading on a screen can be easier for some it seems reading from a book allows our eyes to tire naturally at night and signals our brain for sleep.

My love of books has led me to another crafting hobby of mine, making ribbon bookmarks. They are rather easy to make you only need: ribbon, ribbon clamps, jump rings, and charms. To put it all together you only need scissors for cutting ribbon and a pair of needle nose pliers to use on the jump rings and ribbon clamps.

IMG_0523 (1)

I have made many of these for sweet token gifts for Bible study groups and for family and friends. With the many assortment on charms these book marks can be personalized rather easily.

Today I made a Bible bookmark for my niece. She is working at a Christian camp this summer and will have very limited use of cell phones or electronics. Sometime I wish someone would come and take my phone away for a couple of weeks. 😉






Speaking of mail if any of you dear Homemakers would like to receive a colorful hand knitted dishcloth, I would love to send you one free of charge of course. Simply send your mailing address to smittywife07@yahoo.com. It is simply a gesture that I enjoy doing and I hope brightens your day a little. I have sent two dish cloths to date. I received a sweet thank you along with a picture from a lovely reader named Vicki!

20170505_095232 I love that she used it under her prim faux candle. There are so many uses for these little cloths!


Humbly Yours,

Mrs. Smith


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4 thoughts on “A Charming marker

  1. Your bookmarks are so pretty! So creative! So special! Lovely for marking your place in your Bible! I think it would make a pretty choker necklace too, with a charm for the middle and clasp in the back. I love them! Thank you for your sweet mention of me in your blog also. Till next time….Vicki


    1. Thank you, the pendants were from Michaels craft store in the jewelry making department. I bought these particular ones over a year ago but I do believe they still carry the brand. The cameo letter charms were from Hobby Lobby but I haven’t seen ones like them since.


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