Tools that inspire

Dear Homemakers,

I hope this letter finds you loving your home. If it doesn’t may I suggest giving it a little attention. A little extra love and detail work can make things feel totally different. I have been quite sickly for at least a week and the house was left feeling stale. I received a package in the mail that last night that was just the motivation I needed now that I’m back on the mend.

Now to any one other than a homemaker this package might not have seemed lovely but to me and I’m sure others it was delightful. I received an order of …cleaning tools!

Yes not very romantic but of so needed.



These tools can be ordered through the Grove Collaborative. (I’m simply a customer and not associated with this company in anyway.) Even Ms. Smithers enjoyed unwrapping these lovelies and we played a bit with them before they would be put to work.


First thing this morning I set out to use the dish scrubber and glass sponge tool on the sink of dishes. Well when the sink was empty I love to give it a good scrub. I use Bon-Ami Polishing cleanser and my little smiling scrub daddy.



A nice sparkly sink always leads to clean counters and a nice swept floor. It’s just the natural order of things.

After the kitchen work and straightening the living room. I decided the bathrooms needed some extra attention. Some how the toilet seats are getting scratched so I got out the Bon-Ami and the grout-tile scrubber. The scratches magically disappeared with a little elbow grease.

I know the scratches are hard to see they looked light like pencil marks but they gave the seat an old appearance. Now they look brand new.

Well if the bathrooms felt fresh, the bedroom especially the master needed attention. The easiest way to make your bedroom feel inviting is to change the bedding, add some linen spray and maybe even iron a couple of pillow cases.

I had just run out of linen spray so I made up my own and refilled the bottle. I used 20 drops of lavender essential oil, rubbing alcohol and distilled water.


IMG_0839 (2)

I really enjoyed making these stamped embroidery pillowcases. They add a vintage/ craft touch to the bed.  (Which I did not make up today, less you think I’m some super homemaker.)

With the bed nice and inviting I felt it was time to address my desk/bedside table. I love working here because it is usually quiet and I get a nice view out to the patio. But my oh my the clutter had snuck in somehow and needed to be dealt with.


How did all this stuff end up on my desk or on the floor by it for so long. I thought I had it piled nicely (sorta hidden away)? Once I piled it all on my bed I knew it was too much. So off to new homes most things went.

IMG_0855 (2)



Well that is how I loved on my home today. I had all this done by noon so I could write this letter to you and enjoy an easy afternoon with just a bit of laundry, reading and dinner making.

Yours Humbly,

Mrs. Smith

PS.  If you have a feline like Ms. Smithers who likes to leave fur here and there I have a simple tip for cleaning your lamp shades. I simply use a sticky lint roller.

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One thought on “Tools that inspire

  1. Oh, my! I need to dump my desk and my dresser and maybe my other desk on my bed and start over. and buy those lovely tools, too! thank you!


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