This is for the birds!

Dear Homemakers,

It is Spring and the birds are letting us know they are here. My ladies desk faces a window in the back of the house so I am getting quite a show. This morning I have seen blue jays, mockingbirds, and sparrows. We also have a crackle bird that likes to splash around in the fountain on the patio. IMG_0462 (1)

We do have a small bird feeder which many of the small birds like. A couple of cardinals have tried to eat from it but I think its too much work for them. IMG_0748

Mr. Smith and I are first time gardeners so when our first maturing gnawing tomato was turning a lovely shade of orangey red we were excited! Well so were the birds! We went to check on our tomato and we found him totally pecked at with big holes. I must say it looked red and juicy on the inside so the birds did well picking a winner. IMG_0706

We decided to build a cage of sort to keep the birds from our tomato plants. Actually Mr. Smith built it himself I only added the small assistance which was sometimes needed. It feels a bit sad as if our plants are in jail but they are visited daily or more. IMG_0752

We have lots of little “inmates” doing quite well despite their surroundings.


In the uncovered garden patch we have okra growing, along with a good bit of zucchini. The corn is also standing tall. We might need a scarecrow before long!







I will leave you with a nice picture of our Doris Day rose and our knock out rose that is just about to bloom all over I stopped counting at 20 buds!


I hope your spring is musical with the sounds of bird song.

Humbly Yours,

Mrs. Smith

PS. This lady bug was an Easter gift from my mother and she is just adorable. She wobbles in the breeze and sits beside my swing. IMG_0750

One thought on “This is for the birds!

  1. Beautiful! Looks like summer at your house! Here we are just getting started, leaves are starting to come out and flowers budding, no lilacs yet. Cool and rainy too.


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