Favorite Things in My Day

Dear Homemakers,

Not all days are lovely but I bet there are lovely things that happen everyday! The other day I had to fight the morning traffic to take my son to tutorials. When I came back home and was cleaning up the kitchen, what should I see on the side of the fridge, it was my 9 years old homework (they turn it in weekly). So I finished up a chore and hopped back in the car for a quick trip up to the elementary school. I decided I might as well grab that money order I needed to get at the nearby grocery store. This store always has a lovely selection of floral bouquets and I adore fresh flowers in the home but they can be pricey. So I always look in their sale buckets, today I found some beauties priced just right at 5.49.  I find that if I change the water about every other day these “sale” flowers last at least a week if not longer. IMG_0626

Now by no means am I complaining about my little errands but those little interruptions gave me the chance to indulge in one of my favorite things.

Back to those chores…I use the Motivated Moms Planner App to give my day a routine, stay on task and to know that I really am working! This app is definitely one of my favorite things in my day. You can also purchase a printed copy instead if that suits you better.


The products I use can make all these jobs more enjoyable so I use Mrs. Meyers cleaning supplies. I have used many of the  products and in many different scents but I do really like the Lavender scent the best. Along with the adorable Scrub Daddy sponge I could do dishes all day!


One of my very favorite things is knitting! So if I can add knitting to my cleaning it makes my day! I do this with knitted dish/wash cloths. I’m like the old lady in the shoe except change out the children for dishcloths! They are so easy to make and can be made anywhere without a lot of concentration. Below are just some of the ones I have made lately.





If any homemaker would like to receive a dishcloth just send me your address and I will pop one in the mail to your free of charge. Because packages in the mail box are one of my favorite things as well.  (Send address to smittywife07@yahoo.com)


May your days be productive and pleasant and above all lived to the glory of God.

Humbly Yours,

Mrs. Smith

ps. If I post a link I simply love the product or want to share something that is good. I do not receive any compensation or have any affiliation.

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