A Stitch in Time

Dear Homemakers,

Home crafts or handicrafts are favorite ways for me to pass the time in what feels like a productive manner. Sewing keeps our eyes and minds busy doing good things. The items I sew usually end up decorating the house or used as gifts. Aprons have always been well received when given and usually make a nice teacher gift. I also have gifted them to each lady in my family.


AYKC9977 (1)

I stick to an easy reversible pattern which takes a yard of each fabric. Sometimes I make pockets but many times I leave them plain. Other than the obvious fun factor of having a reversible apron pattern, it is also a “forgiving pattern” as it hides all your stitches within the hidden seam work.

IMG_0471 (1)

For the kitchen I recently made a valance for the sink window, an apron to hang on the pantry door and an embroidered tea towel for the oven door. This fabric can be found at Hobby Lobby, and I simply adore it.

The latest of the spring sewing has been bunnies! Five bunnies in all to give to any one in the family who would want one. I loved making them! I found the pattern on Pinterest and  it can be purchased at Gingercake its Called Folksy Modern Bunny and there is a Cat pattern included which I will also have to try. By the 5th bunny I definitely could make up this bunny sans pattern!

IMG_0556 (1)


I want the homemaker that has not tried her hand at sewing to not be deterred from learning to sew. I am quite the beginner even after several years, yet I really enjoy it and slowly add abilities over time. I think when we are younger we want to master a thing quickly, but I have learned to appreciate what I can do now and keep at something until the mastery grows. There are always professional lessons that can speed this along if one wishes. One of my favorite times sewing was several years ago when a good friend and I started sewing pillow case dresses for our little girls. They played at our feet while we played at the machines. Such a sweet time.


Humbly Yours,

Mrs. Smith

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