Friday’s Notes Sept. 16th


Dear Homemakers,

Happy Friday! The weekend is upon us. Do you have any special plans, I wonder how you will start off the weekend this evening.  The Smith household will have a low-key weekend. A little in-depth cleaning of the children’s rooms, maybe some grilling outside, going to church and visiting grandparents.

I personally, will start knitting a new baby blanket in lavender. I love knitting these blankets they are so soft and make wonderful receiving blankets.



I also purchased a fun adult coloring book recently. It’s called Classic Coloring: Jane Austen.  I love the Jane Austen quotes and depictions of some of my favorite books.  The coloring plates are removable so they can be shared or displayed. Right now this coloring book is on sale at Target for around 10 dollars.img_3566img_3567


Books can be recreational but they can also inspire us to greater heights. My latest read is a book of inspirational homemaking essays called For the Love of Christian Homemaking by Sharon White. Mrs. White also writes at the blog The Legacy of Home. I’m always looking at the selection of books on that have the key word homemaking or homemaker. There is actually quite a large selection to look through. I  just started reading this book and have already found myself inspired and blessed. One of my favorite essays so far is titled Simplicity of Old Fashion Homemaking.img_3570

Mrs. White states, “There is another way. It is the humble, basic way of simplicity. It might look meager and poor. It might even look too easy. But this way can be obtained by far more housewives if they only realize it’s okay to be simple.

There is a slowness to it…There is no ambition…It is the quiet servant-the meek one, who guides the home.”

The way Mrs. White writes on homemaking gives me permission to clean the home in a slow way that is actually a more natural pace than the speed clean approach. We are not merely cleaning our home we are cultivating it.

Do you have books that inspire your homemaking? Please leave me a comment if you care to share!

Humbly yours,

Mrs. Smith

P.S. I do not receive any compensation for reviews or product endorsement. I just love sharing things that make me smile!





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