Happy and Holy on Monday

Dear Homemakers,

Happy Monday! I know that most of the world dreads the Monday morning wake up, but it’s one of my favorite days. The weekends can be fun and sometimes restful but Monday brings order for this homemaker. I try to not schedule any errands or appointments on Monday. I save Monday to bring order and quiet to my home and admittedly introverted heart. After the kids are on the big yellow bus, I usually make a fresh cup of coffee and sit down with my bible.


I am attending a new bible study, we are diving in to Romans this semester. Our teacher started us last week with an introduction but not just to Romans but a whole overview of the old testament and where Jesus is throughout all of scripture. She shared just how impactful the book of Romans was to many influential church fathers from St. Augustine to Martin Luther to John Wesley. I purchased  The Preface to the letter of St. Paul  by Martin Luther. His definitions and explanation of how Paul uses the terms grace, law, sin and faith, were eye-opening. I highly recommend this .99 cent purchase. Homemakers can have deep understanding of doctrine and the word of God. img_3542

In fact the delving into the deep makes our ordinary tasks much richer. The understanding of grace helps us to continue in the noble but mundane task knowing that only by the righteousness of Christ can we truly serve our families well.


What are your tasks today that bring order to your home?

Today I will:

  • Make beds
  • wash dishes
  • do laundry
  • sweep/vacuum
  • clean my office/upstairs gathering area
  • Make Brownies for an after school treat

May your Monday be Happy and Holy,

Mrs. Smith

P.S. Below if an audio cast of this week’s bible study presentation by Merry Ministries



Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth

” target=”_blank”>The Art of Home Making Mondays

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